Rho Kappa
Modular self-supporting drawer unit, the drawers are completely removable and stackable and are available in a transparent version.

data sheet

Chests of transparent drawers

30136025 Rho K3 Col-GreenATX 155x250xh120
30136026 Rho K3 155x250xh120
30136035 Rho K4 Col-GreenATX 215x350xh155
30136036 Rho K4 215x350xh155
30136045 Rho K5 Col-GreenATX 320x480xh190
30136050 Rho K5 320x480xh190

Chests of green drawers

30136030 Rho K 3 155x250xh120
30136040 Rho K4 215x350xh155
30136055 Rho K5 320x480xh190


30135540 Rho K3 Col-Transparent 120x225xh100
30135541 Rho K3 Col-GreenATX 120x225xh100
30135550 Rho K4 Col-Transparent 180x325xh132
30135551 Rho K4 Col-GreenATX 180x325xh132
30135560 Rho K5 Col-Transparent 285x470xh165
30135561 Rho K5 Col-GreenATX 285x470xh165


32194780 Rho K3 Col-GreenATX 140x190xh3
32194785 Rho K4 Col-GreenATX 200x275xh3
32194790 Rho K5 Col-GreenATX 300x405xh3


30279510 Rho K3 Col-GreenATX 150x215xh120
30279511 Rho K3 150x215xh120
30279515 Rho K4 Col-GreenATX 215x310xh155
30279517 Rho K4 215x310xh155
30279520 Rho K5 Col-GreenATX 320x450xh190
30279521 Rho K5 320x450xh190


3083860x Rho K3 – 50 tags sheet
3083861x Rho K4/5 – 21 tags sheet


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