Stackable baskets made of non-toxic resin, suitable for use with foodstuffs.
Jota 40 is also available in a version with a metal trolley.

Jota  data sheet

Jota 40 30185104 Col-Yellowral1023 540x360xh300
Jota 40 30185107 Col_GrigioIndAlimenti 540x360xh300

Trolley for Jota 40
Trolley for Jota 40 30130580 - 505x335xh185

Jota 50  data sheet
Jota 50 80230122 Col-Greyral7001 600x400xh275

food Recyclable PE

Jota 40

External sizes 540x360xh300 – Internal sizes 495x325xh280

Trolley For Jota 40


Jota 50

External sizes 600x400xh275 – Internal sizes 565x360xh265


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