A modular grilled system that hooks the various elements together easy to install. Resistant to acids, solvents and fats. Floor junctions are available.

Data sheet


30260556 500x500xh25
30260558 500x500xh25
30260566 500x500xh25
30260562 500x500xh25
30260570 500x500xh25
30260576 500x500xh25
30260560   PP 500x500xh25
Peripheric ramp
side male clutch 30260700 500x130xh0/25
side female clutch 30260701 500x130xh0/25
corner 30260702 130x130xh0/25
side male clutch 30260703   PP 500x130xh0/25
side female clutch 30260704   PP 500x130xh0/25
corner 30260705   PP 130x130xh0/25

Recyclable PE PP


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