Tauxi – Ficha técnica

Tauxi containers are ideal for retail chains. They are equipped with a “crocodile” lid and are available in three different sizes. They are nestable with the open lid and stackable with the closed lid.

Tauxi 46 32185550 Col-Greyral7001 600x400xh265
Tauxi 54 32185551 Col-Greyral7001 600x400xh315
Tauxi 67 32185552 Col-Greyral7001 600x400xh365

Recyclable PP  Europe

Tauxi 46

Dimensiones exteriores 600x400xh265 – Dimensiones interiores 547x365xh237

Tauxi 54

Dimensiones exteriores 600x400xh315 – Dimensiones interiores 547x365xh287

Tauxi 67

Dimensiones exteriores 600x400xh365 – Dimensiones interiores 547x365xh337