INTERBOX: a leading innovator for 45 years

A leader in the field of plastic industrial containers for logistics, handling and storage, Interbox s.a. operations have been geared to innovation for 45 years.
The development of advanced solutions derives from the use of state of the art technologies and an attentive analysis of emerging market needs. These combine in a constant research process, which enables Interbox to offer a diversified, complete catalogue that targets all sorts of sectors, from commodity trading to services, industry and craftsmanship.
Every single product – from pallets to filing systems and multiple modular containers – is checked and tested to guarantee top quality functional performance.

Moreover the Research and Development Centre of Interbox s.a. tries out, designs and manufactures high quality jetties: resistant and stable also in the most rough waters, and with low environmental impact so as not to upset the delicate lake ecosystem and the beauty of the landscape. Alongside the range of jetties, Interbox Marinas has developed all the necessary equipment for the best possible structuring of tourist marinas, from the gangways to the accessories, right up to the mooring system.

And the evolution continues towards further innovation and quality targets.